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Piano Tab, Accords

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by: Tony Naked

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F>  Artist Name: Dashboard Confessional
R>  Song Name  : Hands Down
.>  ==========================================================
A>  Here's the intro lick:
A>  2|-----F-G-e-----F-G-a-----F-G----
B>  1|-e-b-------e-b-------e-b--------
E>  Riff ends with:
.>  2|------F--D---
C>  2|------C------
O>  1|-e-b-----b---
F>  Verse: These are the root chords, a second guitar is muting other notes
.>      "Breath in for luck..." 
A>  3|----------C------------------------d---C--------
B>  2|-e--------G-------a-------b--------a---G--------
N>  2|----------C-------e-------F--------d---C--------
A>  1|-b----------------a-------b---------------------
B>  1|-e----------------------------------------------
E>  -He does a few stops here and there but it's all the same chords
C>  Chorus:
O>      "My hopes are so high..."
M>      [EE
]   [AbmAbm
]   [AA
]   [AbmAbm
]          Repeat chorus: ->   F>  3|----e-------G------a-------G-------------------- R>  3|------------D------e-------D-------------------- .>  3|-------------------C---------------------------- T>  2|----b-------b------a-------b-------CG-a-GC------ A>  2|----G-------G------e-------G-------------------- B>  2|----e-------D--------------D-------------------- N>  1|--e-b-------G------a-------G------a--------a---- A>  1|----e------------------------------------------- B>   B>  The second time through the chorus he ends it differently: E>   R>      [EE
]   [AbmAbm
]   [AA
]   [AbmAbm
]           .>   C>  3|----e-------G------a-------G-----C----- O>  3|------------D------e-------D----------- M>  3|-------------------C------------------- ->  2|----b-------b------a-------b-----G--G-- F>  2|----G-------G------e-------G-----C--D-- R>  2|----e-------D--------------D----------- .>  1|--e-b-------G------a-------G--------G-- T>  1|----e---------------------------------- A>   B>  The second verse and second chorus are exactly the same (except for some stops in the N>   A>  verse) After the second chorus he breaks into the bridge/outro section: B>   B>   E>  Bridge/outro: These are the chords being played, a second guitar is picking through some R>  other stuff which is at the bottom: .>   C>     "Hands down this is the..."            End On: O>   M>  3|--e---------ae--------G--------F-----------e---- ->  3|--e---------e---------e--------D-----------e---- F>  2|--b---------ab--------b--------b-----------b---- R>  2|--b-------------------e--------F-----------b---- .>  2|--e----------------------------------------e---- T>  1|-------------------------------b---------------- A>   B>  Guitar 2 is playing this during bridge: N>   A>  3|e-D-e-D-e-D-e-D-e-D-e-D-e-D-e-C-D-e-D-e-D-e-C-D-e-D-e-D-e-D--- B>  2|-----------------------------b-------------b------------------ B>     -over and over and over with slight variation at the end. E>   R>  Well, I believe thats about it. I'm sure there's stuff wrong but it's definitely close... .>   C>  what a good song... enjoy! O>   M>   ->   F>  Lyrics R>   .>  Verse 1: T>   A>  Breathe in for luck, Breathe in so deep B>   N>  This air is blessed, You share with me A>  This night is wild, So calm and dull B>  These hearts they race from self-control B>   E>  Your legs are smooth as they graze mine R>  We're doing fine,   We're doing nothing at all. .>   C>   O>  Chorus: M>  My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me ->  So won't you kill me, so I die happy F>  My heart is yours to fill or burst R>  to break or bury, or wear as jewelery .>  Which ever you prefer T>   A>  Verse 2: B>   N>  The words are hushed lets not get busted, A>   B>  just lay entwined here undiscovered. B>  Safe in here from all the stupid questions.. E>  "hey did you get some?" R>   .>  Man, that is so dumb. C>  Stay quiet, stay near, stay close O>  they can't hear, so we can get some. M>   ->   F>  Chorus: R>   .>  Bridge/Outro: T>  Hands down this is the best date I can ever remember A>  I'll always remember the sound of the stereo B>  The dim of the soft lights, the scent of your hair N>   A>  That you twirled in your fingers B>  And the time on the clock when we realized it's so late B>  And this walk that we shared together E>  The streets were wet and the gate was locked R>   .>  So I jumped it and let you in C>  And you stood at your door with your hands on my waist O>  And you kissed me like you meant it M>  And I knew, that you meant it ->  That you meant it, that you meant it F>  And I knew that you meant it, that you meant it. R>   .>   T>   A>   B>  
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Comments (2)

12 years ago
play this in Eb maj and it sounds better

Spencer Chamberlain
13 years ago
Damn... U just convert the guitar tab don't you???


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