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Piano Tab, Accords

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by: Anonymous
F>  Hey you guys, these are the same tabs as idontknow123 so all credit goes to
R>  them but i just decided to put brackets around them so the right chords would
.>  come up. These are great tabs so enjoy! :)
A>  T|  
B>  A|   [C]                 [F]               [C]               [F]
N>  B|  4|-c---d----e-----d----c---d---f----e----c---d----e----d----c---c---c---c---|-
A>  N|  3|-c-g---g----g-----g--c-a---a---a-------c-g---g----g----g--c-a---a---a---a-|-
B>  A|   I   don't know you, but I   want you all the more for that...
B>  B|  
E>  B|       [C]                   [F]
R>  E|  4|-c-----d----e-------d------c---d----f---e---|-
.>  R|  3|-c-g-----g-----g------g----c-a---a----a-----|-
C>  .|   Words fall through me and al- ways fool me
O>  C|  
M>  O|   [C]                 [F]
->  M|  4|--c---d----e-----d----c---c---c---c----|-
F>  -|  3|--c-g---g----g-----g--c-a---a---a---a--|-
R>  T|     and I    can't re- act...
.>  A|  
T>  B|  
A>  N|  Bridge:
B>  A|  
N>  B|   [Am]        [G]      [F]          [G]               [Am]
A>  B|  4|--------e-----d---c----------f------d----c----------------|-
B>  E|  3|------a---a----------b---a------a-------------b---------a-|-
B>  R|  2|--a-----------g--------f------------g-----------------a---|-
E>  .|     Games that ne- ver a-mount to    more than they're meant
R>  C|  
.>  O|  
C>  M|          [G]              [F]
O>  -|  4|--e----------c---------------f---f---f----|-
M>  T|  3|----a---b---------b--------a---a---a---a--|-
->  A|  2|--------g----------------g----------------|-
F>  B|     will play them-selves out.
R>  N|  
.>  A|  
T>  B|  
A>  B|  Chorus:
B>  E|  
N>  R|  [C]               [F]               [Am]
A>  .|  Take this sinking boat and point it home...
B>  C|  
B>  O|                 [F]
E>  M|  We've still got time...
R>  -|  
.>  T|  
C>  A|  [C]                  [F]               [Am]
O>  B|  Raise your hopeful voice you had the choice...
M>  N|  
->  A|                 [F]
F>  B|  You've made it known...
R>  B|  
.>  E|  
T>  R|  Verse 2:
A>  .|  
B>  C|  
N>  O|  [C]           [F]
A>  M|  Falling slowly, eyes that know me...
B>  -|  
B>  T|  [C]              [F]
E>  A|  and i cant go back....
R>  B|  
.>  N|  [C]               [F]
C>  A|  Moods that take me and erase me...
O>  B|  
M>  B|  [C]                 [F]
->  E|  and I'm painted black...
F>  R|  
R>  .|  
.>  C|  Bridge:
T>  O|  
A>  M|  You have suffered enough and warred with yourself, it's time that you've won...
B>  -|  
N>  T|  Chorus:
A>  A|  
B>  B|  [C]               [F]               [Am]
B>  N|  Take this sinking boat and point it home...
E>  A|  
R>  B|                 [F]
.>  B|  We've still got time...
C>  E|  
O>  R|  
M>  .|  [C]                  [F]               [Am]
->  C|  Raise your hopeful voice you had the choice...
F>  O|  
R>  M|                 [F]
.>  -|  You've made it now...
T>  T|  
A>  A|  Chorus:
B>  B|  
N>  N|  [C]           [G]              [Am]
A>  A|  Falling slowly, sing your melody...
B>  B|  
B>  B|                [F]
E>  E|  I'll sing it loud...

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