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by: Cel
F>  Paste Your Guitar Tab Here...Verse 1]
R>  [CC
]                          [EmEm
]        [DD
]      [CC
] .>  You'd probably think I was psychotic (if you knew) T>                        [EmEm
]      [DD
]       [CC
] A>  What I still got in my closet (sad but true) B>                     [EmEm
] N>  Slip it on over my shoulders A>  [DD
]                        [CC
] B>  Something I'll never get over B>                               [EmEm
]       [DD
] E>  It makes me feel a little bit closer to you R>   .>   C>  [Pre-Chorus] O>  [CC
] M>  I can't keep your love ->  [EmEm
]               [DD
] F>   R>  I can't keep your kiss .>                [CC
]                          [EmEm
] T>  Gave you everything and all I got was this A>   B>   N>  [Chorus] A>            [DD
]            [CC
] B>  I'm still rocking your hoodie B>                     [EmEm
] E>  And chewing on the strings R>     [DD
]               [CC
] .>  It makes me think about you C>                      [EmEm
] O>  So I wear it when I sleep M>   [DD
]               [CC
] ->  I kept the broken zipper F>                [EmEm
] R>  And cigarette burns .>        [DD
]            [CC
] T>  Still rocking your hoodie A>                       [EmEm
] B>  Baby, even though it hurts N>        [DD
] A>  Still rocking your... B>   B>   E>  [Verse 2] R>   .>  [CC
]                             [EmEm
]       [DD
]       [CC
] C>  I used to put my hand in your pockets (holding on) O>                                  [EmEm
]        [DD
]            [CC
] M>  The smell of your cologne still on it (but you're still gone) ->   F>                     [EmEm
] R>  Slip it on over my shoulders .>  [DD
]                      [CC
] T>  Someone I'll never get over A>                             [EmEm
]        [DD
] B>  Makes me feel a little bit closer to you N>   A>   B>  [Pre-Chorus] B>  [CC
] E>  I can't keep your love R>  [EmEm
]               [DD
] .>   C>  I can't keep your kiss O>                [CC
]                          [EmEm
] M>  Gave you everything and all I got was this ->   F>   R>  [Chorus] .>            [DD
]            [CC
] T>  I'm still rocking your hoodie A>                     [EmEm
] B>  And chewing on the strings N>     [DD
]               [CC
] A>  It makes me think about you B>                      [EmEm
] B>  So I wear it when I sleep E>   [DD
]               [CC
] R>  I kept the broken zipper .>                [EmEm
] C>  And cigarette burns O>        [DD
]            [CC
] M>  Still rocking your hoodie ->                       [EmEm
] F>  Baby, even though it hurts R>        [DD
]            [CC
] .>  Still rocking your hoodie T>                     [EmEm
] A>  And chewing on the strings B>     [DD
]               [CC
] N>  It makes me think about you A>                      [EmEm
] B>  So I wear it when I sleep B>   [DD
]               [CC
] E>  I kept the broken zipper R>                [EmEm
] .>  And cigarette burns C>        [DD
]            [CC
] O>  Still rocking your hoodie M>                       [EmEm
] ->  Baby, even though it hurts F>        [DD
] R>  Still rocking your... .>   T>   A>  [Bridge] B>  [CC
] N>  If you want it back A>  [EmEm
] B>   B>  If you want it back E>   R>  I'm here waiting .>  [CC
] C>  Come take it back O>  [DD
] M>  Come take it back ->  [CC
] F>  If you want it back R>  [EmEm
] .>   T>  If you want it back A>   B>  I'm here waiting N>  [CC
] A>  Come take it back B>  [DD
] B>  Come take it back E>   R>   .>  [Chorus] C>            [DD
]            [CC
] O>  I'm still rocking your hoodie M>                     [EmEm
] ->  And chewing on the strings F>     [DD
]               [CC
] R>  It makes me think about you .>                      [EmEm
] T>  So I wear it when I sleep A>   [DD
]               [CC
] B>  I kept the broken zipper N>                [EmEm
] A>  And cigarette burns B>        [DD
]            [CC
] B>  Still rocking your hoodie E>                       [EmEm
] R>  Baby, even though it hurts .>        [DD
]            [CC
] C>  Still rocking your hoodie O>                     [EmEm
] M>  And chewing on the strings ->     [DD
]               [CC
] F>  It makes me think about you R>                      [EmEm
] .>  So I wear it when I sleep T>   [DD
]               [CC
] A>  I kept the broken zipper B>                [EmEm
] N>  And cigarette burns A>        [DD
]            [CC
] B>  Still rocking your hoodie B>                       [EmEm
] E>  Baby, even though it hurts R>            [DD
] .>  I'm still rocking your hoodie C>                    [EmEm
] O>  And chewing on the strings M>     [DD
]               [CC
] ->  It makes me think about you F>                      [EmEm
] R>  So I wear it when I sleep .>   [DD
]               [CC
] T>  I kept the broken zipper A>                [EmEm
] B>  And cigarette burns N>        [DD
]            [CC
] A>  Still rocking your hoodie B>                       [EmEm
] B>  Baby, even though it hurts E>                        [CC
] R>  I'm still rocking your hoodie .>   C>  
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