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Guitar Tab, Accords

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by: guy
F>  Intro (distortion)
R>  E|  4|--a----F----G--------e---------|-
.>  R|  3|--a---------G----A---e---A-----|-
T>  .|  
A>  C|  Verse (clean)
B>  O|  
N>  M|  4|----C-F-C-a-F-C-----C-F-C-a-F-C-----|-
A>  -|  3|--F-------------F-d-------------d---|- 2X
B>  T|  
B>  A|  (distortion)
E>  B|  5|----------------------------c---------------|-
R>  N|  4|--d-d-d-d--CCCCCCCC-ddd-CCC-g--d-----d------|-
.>  A|  3|--FFFFFFFF-aaaaaaaa-aaa-aaa----FF----FF-----|-
C>  B|  3|--CCCCCCCC-eeeeeeee-ddd-eee----CC----CC-----|-
O>  B|  2|-----------aaaaaaaa-----aaa-e---------------|-
M>  E|  
->  R|  4|--d-d-d-d--CCCCCCCC-ddd-CCC----g-g-g----|-
F>  .|  3|--FFFFFFFF-aaaaaaaa-aaa-aaa-b--bbbbbbb--|-
R>  C|  3|--CCCCCCCC-eeeeeeee-ddd-eee-F--FFFFFFF--|-
.>  O|  2|-----------aaaaaaaa-----aaa-b--------b--|-
T>  M|                       Palm mute  .......
A>  -|  
B>  T|  Chorus (clean)
N>  A|  4|----a-F-C-a-F-C-a---a-F-C-a-F-C-a---------------------------|-
A>  B|  3|--F---------------d-----------------e-a-e-b-a-e-b---e-G-e-a-|-
B>  N|  2|----------------------------------a---------------e---------|-
B>  A|  
E>  B|  (distortion
R>  B|  4|--a----F----G--------e----------|-
.>  E|  3|--a---------G----A---e---A------|-
C>  R|  
O>  .|  Verse (clean)
M>  C|  
->  O|  4|----C-F-C-a-F-C-----C-F-C-a-F-C-----|-
F>  M|  3|--F-------------F-d-------------d---|- 2X
R>  -|  
.>  T|  (distortion)
T>  A|  5|----------------------------c---------------|-
A>  B|  4|--d-d-d-d--CCCCCCCC-ddd-CCC-g--d-----d------|-
B>  N|  3|--FFFFFFFF-aaaaaaaa-aaa-aaa----FF----FF-----|-
N>  A|  3|--CCCCCCCC-eeeeeeee-ddd-eee----CC----CC-----|-
A>  B|  2|-----------aaaaaaaa-----aaa-e---------------|-
B>  B|  
B>  E|  4|--d-d-d-d--CCCCCCCC-ddd-CCC------|-
E>  R|  3|--FFFFFFFF-aaaaaaaa-aaa-aaa-b----|-
R>  .|  3|--CCCCCCCC-eeeeeeee-ddd-eee-F----|-
.>  C|  2|-----------aaaaaaaa-----aaa-b----|-
C>  O|  
O>  M|  Chorus (distortion)
M>  -|  4|--d-d-d-d--dddddddd-CCCCCCCC-eeeeeeee----|-
->  T|  3|--FFFFFFFF-aaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaa-bbbbbbbb----|- 2X
F>  A|  3|--CCCCCCCC-dddddddd-eeeeeeee-eeeeeeee----|-
R>  B|  2|--------------------aaaaaaaa-------------|-
.>  N|  
T>  A|  Breakdown (distortion)
A>  B|  
B>  B|  Listen to song for strum pattern
N>  E|  4|--d-d--d-d--c--d-d--d-d--fC-dddd-dddd-dC-dddd-dddd-de-----|-
A>  R|  3|--FFFF-FFFF-Fe-FFFF-FFFF-Fa-aaaa-aaaa-aG-aaaa-aaaa-ab-----|-
B>  .|  3|--CCCC-CCCC-C--CCCC-CCCC-Ce-dddd-dddd-dC-dddd-dddd-de-----|-
B>  C|  2|-------------b--------------------------------------------|-
E>  O|  
R>  M|  same pattern as above
.>  -|  4|--a-------G---a-------G---F-------e--F-------e------|-
C>  T|  3|--a----b--G---a----b--G----F---b--e---F---b--e------|-
O>  A|  
M>  B|  Chorus (distortion)
->  N|  4|----a-F-C-a-F-C-a---a-F-C-a-F-CCCCCCCC-eeeeeeee-------|-
F>  A|  3|--F---------------d-----------aaaaaaaa-bbbbbbbb-------|-
R>  B|  3|------------------------------eeeeeeee-eeeeeeee-------|-
.>  B|  2|------------------------------aaaaaaaa----------------|-
T>  E|  
A>  R|  4|--d-d------------CCCC-dddddddd-CCCCCCCC-g-g-g-g------|-
B>  .|  3|--FFFF-GGGG-aaaa-CCCC-aaaaaaaa-CCCCCCCC-bbbbbbbb-----|-
N>  C|  3|----------------------dddddddd-----------------------|-
A>  O|  2|-------GGGG-aaaa-------------------------------------|-
B>  M|  
B>  -|  End (distortion)
E>  T|  
R>  A|  3|-----F-F----F-F----F----F-F----F-F----F-----|-
.>  B|  3|-----C-C----C-C----C----C-C----C-C----C-----|-
C>  N|  2|--e--F-F-e--F-F-e--F-e--F-F-e--F-F-e--F-----|-

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