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Piano Tab, Accords

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by: xhaira

F>  Intro:  [FF
] [DmDm
] [BbBb
] [FF
] R>   .>  [FF
] T>  Oh her eyes, her eyes A>  Make the stars look like they're not shining B>  [DmDm
] N>  Her hair, her hair A>  Falls perfectly without her trying B>  [BbBb
] B>  She's so beautiful E>                 [FF
] R>  And I tell her every day .>   C>  [FF
] O>  Yeah I know, I know M>  When I compliment her ->  She won't believe me F>  [DmDm
] R>  And it's so, it's so .>  Sad to think she don't see what I see T>  [BbBb
] A>  But every time she asks me do I look okay B>     [FF
] N>  I say A>   B>   B>   E>                   [FF
] R>  When I see your face .>                 [DmDm
] C>  There's not a thing that I would change O>                   [BbBb
] M>  'Cause you're amazing ->                    [FF
] F>  Just the way you are R>                 [FF
] .>  And when you smile, T>                   [DmDm
] A>  The whole world stops and stares for a while B>                        [BbBb
] N>  'Cause girl you're amazing A>                    [FF
] B>  Just the way you are B>   E>   R>   .>  [FF
] C>  Her lips, her lips O>  I could kiss them all day if she'd let me M>  [DmDm
] ->  Her laugh, her laugh F>  She hates but I think it's so sexy R>  [BbBb
] .>  She's so beautiful T>                 [FF
] A>  And I tell her every day B>   N>  Oh you know, you know, you know A>  I'd never ask you to change B>       [DmDm
] B>  If perfect is what you're searching for E>  Then just stay the same R>  [BbBb
] .>  So don't even bother asking C>  If you look okay O>                 [FF
] M>  You know I'll say ->   F>  Refrão R>   .>              [FF
] T>  The way you are A>              [DmDm
] B>  The way you are N>                [BbBb
] A>  Girl you're amazing B>                   [FF
] B>  Just the way you are E>   R>  Refrão .>  
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