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F>  The Entertainer - Billy Joel
.>  Intro: G
A>    G                        C 
B>  I am the entertainer and I know just where I stand
N>   C              G/B     C                  D      
A>  Another Serenader and another long-haired band
B>    G                         C
B>  Today I am your champion, I may have won your hearts
E>        Cmaj7                   D
R>  But I know the game, you'll forget my name
.>        Am               Cmaj7 
C>  And I won't be here in another year
O>       D                   G 
M>  If I don't stay on the charts
F>    G                           C
R>  I am the entertainer and I've had to pay my price
.>      C                            G/B    C            D 
T>  The things I did not know at first I learned by doin' twice
A>          G                             C
B>  Ah, but still they come to haunt me, still they want their say
N>           Cmaj7                   D
A>  So I've learned to dance with a hand in my pants
B>            Am                Cmaj7
B>  I let 'em rub my neck and I write 'em a check
E>           D                G 
R>  And they go their merry way
C>    G                   C 
O>  I am the entertainer, been all around the world
M>       C                         G/B    C                D    
->  I've played all kinds of palaces and laid all kinds of girls
F>    G                    C 
R>  I can't remember faces, I don't remember names
.>          Cmaj7                      D
T>  Ah, but what the hell, You know it's just as well
A>          Am                  Cmaj7 
B>  'Cause after a while and a thousand miles
N>  D                    G
A>   It all becomes the same
B>    G                     C 
E>  I am the entertainer, I bring to you my songs
R>      C                        G/B     C                D 
.>  I'd like to spend a day or two, but I can't stay that long
C>           G                       C
O>  No, I've got to meet expenses, I got to stay in line
M>        Cmaj7                 D
->  Gotta get those fees to the agencies
F>          Am                       C
R>  And I'd love to stay but there's bills to pay
.>       D                     G 
T>  So I just don't have the time
B>    G                     C 
N>  I am the entertainer, I come to do my show
A>         C                    G/B     C             D
B>  You've heard my latest record, it's been on the radio
B>         G                                        C
E>  Ah, it took me years to write it, they were the best years of my life
R>            Cmaj7                 D
.>  It was a beautiful song, but it ran too long
C>            Am                    C
O>  If you're gonna have a hit, you gotta make it fit
M>          D                 G
->  So they cut it down to 3:05
R>  G                         C 
.>  I am the entertainer, the idol of my age
T>    C                     G/B    C           D 
A>  I make all kinds of money when I go on the stage
B>             G                           C
N>  Ah, you've seen me in the papers, I've been in the magazines
A>         Cmaj7       D 
B>  But if I go cold I won't get sold
B>           Am                     C
E>  I'll get put in the back in the discount rack
R>        D               G
.>  Like another can of beans
O>    G(let ring)               C(let ring)
M>  I am the entertainer, and I know just where I stand
->   C(let ring)    G/B     C                 D  
F>  Another Serenader and another long-haired band
R>    G(let ring)               C(let ring)  
.>  Today I am your champion, I may have won your hearts
T>        Cmaj7                    D
A>  But I know the game, you'll forget my name
B>    Am                Cmaj7
N>  I won't be here in another year
A>       D                  G 
B>  If I don't stay on the charts

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