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Peter Howell


Doctor Who 1980 Theme

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+------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Here is your midi file as a piano tab!                                       | |  The first number shown is the track. The second number shown is the octave. | |  For example, 1:4 means Track 1, Octave 4.                                   | |   Track 6: Electric Piano 2                                                  | |   Track 39: Synth Bass 1                                                     | |   Track 63: Synth Brass 1                                                    | |   Track 92: Pad 4 (choir)                                                    | |   Track 94: Pad 6 (metallic)                                                 | |   Track 104: FX 8 (sci-fi)                                                   | +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
***This sheet has been trimmed, the maximum 2 line limit was reached.***

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