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Keisuke Ito



T|  Here is your midi file as a piano tab: Temporal_Tower.mid
A|   The first number shown is the track, the second is the octave. For example, 15:4 means Track 15, Octave 4.
B|    Track 15: Tubular Bells
N|    Track 18: Percussive Organ
A|    Track 49: String Ensemble 1
B|    Track 53: Choir Aahs
B|    Track 74: Flute
E|    Track 101: FX 5 (brightness)
R|    Track 129: Drum
.|  ==========================================================================================================
O|   49:2|a-----------------------|
M|  129:2|F-GA-GF-GF-GF-GF-GF-GF-G|
 |  129:1|b----b---b--------------|
 |  129:2|F-GA-GF-GF-GF-GF-GF-GA-G|
A|   49:2|a-----------------------|
B|  129:2|F-GA-GF-GF-GF-GF-GF-GF-G|
N|  129:1|b----b---b--------------|
B|   53:4|g-----------------------|
B|   53:4|b-----------------------|
E|   53:4|d-----------------------|
R|  129:2|F-GA-GF-GF-GF-GF-GF-GA-G|
C|   18:5|---a-de--d--------------|
O|   18:4|--------a--ga--e-ag-de--|
M|   18:3|--------------a---------|
 |   49:4|a-----------------------|
 |   49:4|e-----------------------|
 |   49:2|a-----------------------|
T|   53:4|b-----------------------|
A|   53:4|g-----------------------|
B|   53:4|d-----------------------|
N|  129:4|D--c-Cc-CD-c--cC-c---C-c|
A|  129:4|---a-aa-a--a--aa-a---a-a|
B|  129:2|F-GA-GF-GF-GF-GF-GF-GF-G|
B|  129:1|b----b---b--------e-----|
R|   18:5|---a-de--d--------------|
.|   18:4|--------a--ga--e-ag-Fe--|
C|   18:3|--------------a---------|
O|   49:4|b-----------------------|
M|   49:4|F-----------------------|
 |   49:2|a-----------------------|
 |  129:5|---------------d--------|
 |  129:4|--------a---------------|
T|  129:4|D--c-Cc-C--c--cC-c---C-c|
A|  129:4|---a-aa-D--a--aa-a---a-a|
B|  129:2|F-GA-GF-GF-GF-GF-GF-GA-G|
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