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Artist - SongCreated byCreated
MidiNo midiMidi - LVB_Sonate_02no1_2.midAnonymous3 hours ago
guitarAaron - Spring day(a simple riff)A aron2 days ago
bassTI - Sestrianon4 days ago
guitarTame Impala - sestriAnonymous4 days ago
PianoAaron - Work in progressA aron4 days ago
Pianokingdom hearts - roxas themePallerize5 days ago
Pianoturnover - dizzy on the comedownTeresa Montoya6 days ago
guitarAaron - Cool songA aron8 days ago
PianoAaron - Unknown songA aron9 days ago

guitarAaron - GuitarA aron11 days ago
PianoAnonymous - Coco LocoAnonymous12 days ago
PianoAnonymous - Headspace ALILG PIANO 1.midAnonymous13 days ago
guitarAaron - Cool song againA aron14 days ago
guitarSt. Vincent - I Prefer Your LoveAnonymous14 days ago
guitarBleachers - Wake MeAnonymous14 days ago
guitarSt. Vincent - Bad BelieverAnonymous14 days ago
guitarSt. Vincent - Digital WitnessAnonymous14 days ago
guitarBleachers - I Wanna Get BetterAnonymous14 days ago
guitarGman - relaxing and goodAnonymous16 days ago
guitarSt. Vincent - Huey NewtonAnonymous16 days ago
guitarSt. Vincent - bring me your lovesAnonymous16 days ago
guitarMuchacho - I come to playMuchacho16 days ago
guitarSt. Vincent - SaviorAnonymous16 days ago
guitarGman - Unknown simple riffAnonymous16 days ago
guitar1975, The - Love it if we made itAnonymous17 days ago
guitarMotorama - Heavy Wave - simpleAnonymous20 days ago
electric guitarGman - electric riff 2Gman23 days ago
bassDeath in Vegas - Dirge (bass)Anonymous23 days ago
guitarDeath in Vegas - DirgeAnonymous23 days ago
PianoPortishead - Small (synth partial)Beth27 days ago
guitarGman - Simple lick 5Gman28 days ago
guitarGman - simple lick 4Gman1 month ago
PianoACDC - Hell's bells (ez version)Chris91911 month ago
bassBass in yo face - simple lick 3Bass in yo face1 month ago
electric guitargrimes - my name is darkisobelkata1 month ago
guitarAerosmith - Dream On (Malarky mix)Joe Biting1 month ago
bassCarly Rae Jepsen - All ThatNai1 month ago
guitarMUNA - Loudspeakers100 dykes1 month ago
guitarSt. Vincent - Cruel100 dykes1 month ago
guitarSt. Vincent - Mouth Full of Blood101 dykes1 month ago
bassSt. Vincent - Birth In Reverse100 die yikes1 month ago
guitarSt. Vincent - neutered fruitAnonymous1 month ago
guitarGman - 3 string riffGman1 month ago
guitarGman - Some chordsGman1 month ago
PianoMichael Bloomberg - I will be president, this is America, land for saleMichael Bloomberg1 month ago
PianoRHCP - californicationmochichi1 month ago
guitarSt. Vincent - Birth In ReverseAnonymous1 month ago
guitarGman - Simple lick 2Gman1 month ago
guitaryes - UntitledAnonymous1 month ago
guitarst. vincent - the partyAnonymous1 month ago
guitarGman - Unknown Chillaxin songGman1 month ago
guitarGman - riff 11Gman1 month ago
guitarGman - Unknown Chillaxin song #2Gman1 month ago
PianoUnknown - Unknown, good piano jam from midiAnonymous1 month ago
guitarGman - Untitled riff, short and happyGman1 month ago
PianoUnknown - Untitled midi - good songAnonymous1 month ago
guitarBlack Sabbath - NIBAnonymous2 months ago
guitarDance Gavin Dance - Philosopher KingAnonymous2 months ago
PianoElizabeth Warren - Dream BigElizabeth Warren2 months ago
PianoUnknown - freakin good song of unknown titleAnonymous3 months ago
guitarUnknown - easy happy riffAnonymous3 months ago
PianoAnonymous - Mario Bros Themesupadave3 months ago
PianoAkiko Shikata - Counting LoveAnonymous3 months ago
guitarMiami - Cate Le BonAnonymous3 months ago
guitarDonald Trump - Simple Minded RiffAnonymous3 months ago
guitarGman - easy riffAnonymous3 months ago
PianoAnonymous - OST-Titanic-My-Heart-Will-Go-On-Celine-Dion.midAnonymous3 months ago
guitarSam - cool riffsSam3 months ago
guitarJohn Connor - wstco simple riffJohn Connor3 months ago
guitarBeatles - Another song no one knowsAndrew Yang3 months ago
PianoWasabiPea - #1WasabiPea3 months ago
PianoBilbo - Church is for sheepBilbo3 months ago
guitarDonald Trump - (For Prison) in 2020! MAGA (Morons Are Governing America)Anonymous4 months ago
guitarAnnihilation - ShimmerAnonymous4 months ago
guitarSilversun Pickups - Lazy EyeAnonymous4 months ago
guitarSomeone - Unknown tuneAnonymous4 months ago
electric guitarGman - electric riffAnonymous4 months ago
guitarGman - Snowflakes everywhereAnonymous5 months ago
PianoLizzy - this is the best song everbrad5 months ago
Piano30 Seconds to Mars - StayChaesonSmith5 months ago
PianoUnknown - video game? - MMAnonymous5 months ago
guitarpaco pastorius - the chickenAnonymous5 months ago
guitarHeavy, The - Short Change HeroAnonymous5 months ago
PianoGP Ansor - Instrumen Midi Mars Ansor.midzick Keen5 months ago
guitarUnknown - Unknown tune (sad)Anonymous5 months ago
PianoArmada - Harusnya AkuAnonymous5 months ago
guitarAndrew Yang - Unknown tune, chill manAnonymous6 months ago
PianoSword Art Online - First_Town.midAnonymous6 months ago
bassMuchacho - Vote Elizabeth Warren (some bass guitar tab)Muchacho6 months ago
guitarGman - Sad riffAnonymous6 months ago
PianoAnonymous - Nada es normalAnonymous6 months ago
bassBrand New Heavies - Back to LoveSimon6 months ago
PianoLizzy - CoolLizzy6 months ago
guitarAutoheart - AgoraphobiaAnonymous7 months ago
guitardaniel johnston - UntitledAnonymous7 months ago
bassslickrick - bass riff 420slickrick7 months ago
Pianocpt sparkles - revgghost137 months ago
guitarAndrew Yang - An Ode to the USA (simple riff)Anonymous7 months ago
PianoBA - the BEST 2 finger song ever madeBA7 months ago
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