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12 years ago
Good Site 4221 views  
The PianoMan

Tab Master
[Tab Master]

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It helps when learning songs and scales on your own.


12 years ago
Re: Good Site
Ive been downloading sheet music here. They are all pdf files, pretty good collection of songs. check it out...

11 years ago
Re: Good Site
I'm trying to see if it's better to learn from tabs or by watching lessons. Here's a guy who plays the song so you can learn by mimicking him. (I think it may be a better way because you can learn the timing easier by watching someone else play it).

If you don't like that song then don't let that affect your decision on which method is better, just watch one of his other videos until you've seen enough that you can decide. Thanks!


11 years ago
Re: Good Site

New Tabber
[New Recruit]

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Also a good site with sheet music is

And thanks for the tip to the site from written melodies. It's really a good site!! Thanks a lot!!


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