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Forums > Song Requests > Could you perhaps get the keys to a song Homestuck - Flarel   YouTube

3 years ago
Could you perhaps get the keys to a song? Homestuck - Flarel? 3988 views  
Jessica Wilkins
There's a song from my favorite web comic (Homestuck) that I'm really wanting the piano keys for. I'm going to be honest I've never taken any piano lessons but I play okay because of the style you make the keys in. So..if it's not to much to ask, could you some how make the keys to 'Flarel'. It's one of the background themes in Cascade I believe >~< sorry if I'm wrong. Thanks

3 years ago
I got you Jess. Can you find a youtube vid with the song in it?

1 year ago
I think they meant "Flare" not "Flarel", here's a vid -

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