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Someone: Grunty's plan is rather cunning, when I'm thin, guys will be running! in Banjo-Kazooie - Gruntilda's Lair 3d
Someone: The best song in "K-ON!" imo in K-ON - Don't say Lazy 4d
BA: sounds amazing would be epic to see someone actually try to play this live in A aron - arpeggios 1 6d
ma: we're gonna skate to one song, and one song only in Jay-Z & Kanye West - Niggas in Paris 6d
tutifrutixd: hello I love you in Grimes - Oblivion (Main Synth Bass) 4w
Rando Chiptune: Honestly considering using this as a base for creating a full on chiptune arrangement. Such a beautiful piece and I can't imagine the time spent on putting it into MIDI. Even though this is a 6 year old post, it brings back great memories. Well done. in James Horner - One Last Wish 4w
Dogs101: @FR Haha, thanks FR! That was my 13 yr old self. Rough tabs for sure, and cringy to listen to now, but enjoyed making them back then :) in Hans Zimmer - Batman Begins 4w
FR: Well that wasn't very nice. You're not wrong, but you're not nice Mr Anonymous in Hans Zimmer - Batman Begins 4w
BA: Tremelo is not the same as vibrato you dumb butt BA :P in Tremolo 3w
BA: The smallest interval used in music, equal to one 12th of an octave or half of a step (or half a tone). eg: The next semitone up from an "E" note is an "F". The next semitone up is "F#". in Semitone 4w
Conor O'Brien: Hello, My name is Conor O'Brien from Infolinks Media, I was looking to get in touch with a member of the advertising team to discuss an ad buy through our sticky footer unit. We are allocating budgets from a few select brands that we have quarterly placements for. I’m now in the process of evaluating different websites to see which could be a potential budget fit. Our research team has reviewed and determined it a likely fit based on your audience, engagement, past p... in Direct Advertising Buy on Tab Nabber 6w
BA: go on... in You go BA 6w
David R.: Godd!!! I wish I had you're knowledge. in You go BA 6w

You Play Guitar Tabs Now

You don't know how to read guitar tabs and chords and you want to learn how now real fast and for free?

We've just finished with a complete rewrite of our guitar tab how to guide and feel it's some of our best work yet.
I laughed. I cried. I shredded.
- You 5 minutes from now

Musician and Comedian Bo Burnham is a GOD

This seriously hit me so hard it gave me chills. Burnham's "Can't Handle This (Kanye Rant)" is the most intricate piece of comedy and self-awareness you will have ever seen. All of me loves this right now. Hang in there, friend.

Which is more likely, that 99% of scientists are wrong or that 1% are?

Here at TabNabber, we trust in the wisdom of experts and believe in the power of music.

Sure, everyone SAYS they are pro-science, but if you are not a scientist yourself and your beliefs are in conflict with the overwhelming majority of scientists, you are anti-science.

The majority of scientists know more than you do. As Arnold Schwarzenegger so eloquently stated, "If 9 doctors tell you you have cancer and need to treat it or you will die, and 1 doctor says the cancer will disappear, you should always side with the 9. It takes strength to admit you don’t know everything. Weakness is thinking you don’t need expert advice and only listening to sources that confirm what you want to believe."

With that, have a listen to expert faux news anchor John Oliver with the importance of listening to a statistically representative sample size of experts.

Eric Clapton is Covidiot Funding an Anti-Vaccine Band

Veteran musician Eric ClapSpread has been campaigning against coronavirus vaccines and claiming to refuse to play shows where vaccine mandates are required (though he still does). He is now bankrolling a tiny little anti-vaccine rock group that claims to advocate for "medical choice."

The musician has wasted money and the use of his touring van to a U.K. micro band who we'll be referring to as the "Freedumbs", whose lyrics include, "You can stick your poison vaccine up your arse."

What the Freedumbs and ClapSpread don't seem to understand is that freedom doesn't give one the right to harm others. The Covid-19 virus and the 2X faster spreading Delta variant is [shocker] highly contagious which means one's actions can and do affect others. Covidiots like these are the very reason the pandemic has stretched on for as long as it has, but don't take my word for it.

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