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BA: Yes, quite ironic! Sorry for the inconvenience Mike but thanks again for bringing it to our attention! Day long outages like that should NEVER happen though, and we're working on getting to the root of the issue. in Standalone Midi Converter 6d
Mike75: Made an account now, haven't made one until now because i could do everything i needed without being login in. Case in point, i couldn't use the website all day yesterday, isn't that ironic? :) And it wasn't just the converter, most of the site wouldn't load like homepage or the forum. That's why a standalone / offline app would be great. in Standalone Midi Converter 6d
BA: HOLY SH!T GOOGLE. We just received a copyright violation notice on this page...are you freaking kidding??? THERE IS NO CONTENT EXCEPT THESE COMMENTS!!! sigh in Ewan Dobson - Time 2 (this remix is my own work) 3d
Petr: Cool song, what is this? in Anonymous - Untitled 3d
SmokeEmIfYouGotEm: @J The string numbers aren't string numbers they are octaves. In a piano tab like this the number tells you the octave and the letters tell you the note names. in Big Boi - Feel Me (Intro) 2w
J: The string numbers make no sense in Big Boi - Feel Me (Intro) 2w
J: The string numbers make no sense in Big Boi - Feel Me (Intro) 2w
mariano: Hello again, after 8 years I still read this tab to remember how to play Jump. I just saw you corrected the typo in the "finale" but look at the first 2 notes of the song, they are in the same octave L2|--c>>>>>>>>>>>>>|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> L2|c>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> For 8 years I thought you meant to repeat the same C twice. I have been playing it wrong for all of this time haha in Van Halen - Jump - MIDI 3w
Packman: Sorry for the duplicate post; the first time it posted as a guest, and now im posting it while signed in in Beach House - Space Song 5w
Packman: Credit to the anonymous poster from Online Sequencer in Home Depot - Let's Do This (Home Depot Theme) 5w
Packman: Credit to Jacob Morgan and George Burdell on Online Sequencer! in Mr. Kitty - After Dark-Intro 5w
Someone: amazeballz in Motorama - Heavy Wave - simple 8w
BA: mmm kay in solacewav - Reverie 9w

ALL is Piano Midi

In the interest of answering the unasked question, "what if EVERY sound was made from piano midis?", we present our own: Singing Piano's National Anthem, the Talking Piano's Pledge of Allegiance, Real Bird Songs, and the video that got us here:

Here's how you too can create a midi out of anything:

1) Get audio file. (or You Tube video)
2) Head to Ofoct's midi site to convert audio to a piano midi.
3) Convert piano midi to a tab.
4) Enjoy your "song"?

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