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guest Indra said "Thanks" in Krewella - alive 3d
guest Someone said "uhbh" in Faithless - Insomnia 7d
guest Chilly Willy said "@jeez see where it says download midi? Click that. Worked for me :p" in Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk (Bass Line) 1w
guest jeez said "how you download midi?" in Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk (Bass Line) 1w
guest Leonard said "how about... "When you are happy, it makes my day"" in Various - You Are My Sunshine - Alternative Happy Lyrics 6w
BA said "Why is this fantastic song not featured? You've captured the glory of the sax man perfectly." in Lonely Island Jack Black - Sax Man 7w
guest Pete said "@Hello Tiffany (Trump)? Disown your Dad and Let's Make America Proud Again" in Usher - My Boo 7w
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Tab on a T, anyone? We're currently featuring M3's amazing work "13 Colonies", whose discography is well worth a listen if you haven't heard it yet. Drop us a note if you'd like to see your tab on a T shirt as well.

Does the Unexpected Make for Good Music?

From McGill University:

New research shows the musically unexpected activates the reward center of our brains, and makes us learn about the music as we listen.

Subjects had their brain activity measured with functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) while listening to music. When the subjects incorrectly predicted where the music was heading, scientists measured increased activity in the nucleus accumbens, a brain region that in previous studies has been shown to activate when experiencing musical pleasure.

The study is the first evidence that musically elicited reward prediction errors can cause musical pleasure.

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