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Someone: @umm me @bonnielou in Corpse bride - Corpse Bride Piano Duet 6h
peeano: Thanks for the random access memories, guys! in Daft Punk - Da Funk 6d
big dicc klunge: cool beenz in Daft Punk - Da Funk 7d
john yeiker: es una buena aplicación in Dr. Dre - Big Egos 2w
BA: still a bug :P in Michael Jackson - Barry White 2w
BA: this is a bug in Admins - fix the volume bug 2w
Max Malarky: haha yeah so much for the guy that will "never give up"... said the sore loser who tried to claim victory at halftime then ran away at the end w/out ever admitting defeat. what a p*ssy that former president was. in Anonymous - Donald Trump's Campaign Theme Song 2w
doug: did it werk? in BA's best hits 3w
BA: last test in BA's best hits 3w

Site Update: Guitar Tab to Midi Just Got a Whole Lot Better!

Major site update for you guitarists and guitar tabs out there includes:
  • Midi playback support for virtually ANY guitar tuning.
  • Newly added commands to control: midi volume ("VOLUME=[1-9]"), midi start playback ("START"), staccato/sustain (">>>") and repeat ("x2").
Let us celebrate with the "Capitol Insurrection Blues":

Critics calling "Insurrection: The Musical" a “Laugh riot”

Freshly released from "Capitol Insurrection, the Musical", Brandon Ethridge delivers again with the QAnon Shaman:

Musically I think the Shaman takes this one. Here's the viral "I Got Maced":

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