Virtual Piano

We've added playable (HTML 5) virtual pianos!

You can access all our playable pianos
wherever you see our keyboard map buttons:
Keyboard Map
Our 61 key and 49 key versions are now up and running!
Full 88 key version to be added soon.

You Play Guitar Now

You don't know how to read guitar tabs and chords and you want to learn how now real fast and for free?

We've just finished with a complete rewrite of our guitar tab how to guide and feel it's some of our best work yet.
I laughed. I cried. I shredded.
- You 5 minutes from now

ALL is Piano Midi

In the interest of answering the unasked question, "what if EVERY sound was made from piano midis?", we present our own: Singing Piano's National Anthem, the Talking Piano's Pledge of Allegiance, Real Bird Songs, and the video that got us here:

Here's how you too can create a midi out of anything:

1) Get audio file. (or You Tube video)
2) Head to Ofoct's midi site to convert audio to a piano midi.
3) Convert piano midi to a tab.
4) Enjoy your "song"?

Amazing Hands and Feet on China's Got Talent

Foot playing pianist Liu Wei lost both of his arms in an electrocution accident but that didn't stop him from performing and winning China's Got Talent.

Chinese pianist Zheng Gui Gui is a kindergarten teacher in a small village in China. She participated in China's Got Talent in 2011 and amazed all with her skill.

Die Hard Music Fans Take Note

Thanks to Stephen Colbert for bringing this to our attention:

The Catacombo sound system is "a revolutionary customized sound system for audiophiles on the other side. The catacoffin employs a pair of two way speakers, tweeters, and a divine 8 inch subwoofer, fine tuned to the coffin's unique interior acoustic space. So, embrace. Embrace your passion for music, in this life and the next."

Colbert: "Yes. Speakers mounted inside a coffin. Also the rejected sales pitch for the first Mazda Miata." Not to be outdone, Colbert then announced his own solution for those who prefer cremation, the iUrn - "When you're ready to rock your ash off".

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