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Piano Tab, Accords

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by: x-sopheh-x
F>  5|---------------------------d---D---
R>  4|---g---g--fg---A---g---A-----------
.>  4|---c-------------------------------
T>  3|-----------G-------D---------------
N>  5|---------------------------d---f----
A>  4|---g---g--fg---A---g---A------------
B>  4|---c--------------------------------
B>  3|-----------G-------D----------------
C>  [CmCm
]               [AbAb
]              [EbEb
]            [EbEb
] O>  You sit and you stare and you wait and you wonder M>  [CmCm
]               [AbAb
]              [EbEb
]            [EbEb
] ->  You think "Maybe it's me and I'm being a fool. F>  [CmCm
]               [AbAb
]              [EbEb
]            [EbEb
] R>  You start to believe it's a curse that you're under .>  [FmFm
]               [AbAb
]                      [C#C#
]                      T>  And you're just a doll for a girl who is cruel A>         [BbBb
] B>  With a pin N>   A>   B>             [AbAb
]     [FmFm
] B>  So let me out E>            [BbBb
]    [CmCm
] R>  Or let me in .>             [AbAb
]     [FmFm
] C>  And tell me how, we can win O>  [BbBb
]                   [CmCm
] M>  Cause I really wanna know now ->         [AbAb
]     [FmFm
] F>  Before I begin    R>  [AbAb
]     [AbAb
] .>  To let you go T>  [FmFm
]     [FmFm
] A>  To let you go B>          [CmCm
]     [AbAb
]      [EbEb
]      [EbEb
] N>  So let me know A>   B>   B>  I'd rather be wandering hungry and homeless E>  Than here in the warmth of a silent defeat R>  You've gotta be honest with me and be ruthless .>  Instead of shifting uncomfortably there in your seat C>  And your skin O>   M>  Chord ->   F>  And who'd've thought I'd have the strength to say R>  Let me out or let me in .>  But as the words are forming from my mouth T>  I wanna say them again, and again and again A>   B>  So let me out N>  Or let me in A>  And tell me how, we can win B>  Cause I really wanna know now B>  Before I begin    E>  To let you go R>  To let you go .>  Oh Let me out, or let me in, C>  Oh no no O>  And tell me how M>  We can win ->  Oh no I really wanna know now F>  Before I begin R>  Oh to let you go, to let you go .>   T>   A>   B>   N>   A>   B>   B>   E>   R>   .>  
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