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Guitar Tab, Accords

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by: MasterTeacup

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F>  E|-----------------------------------------------|
R>  B|-----3----3------------------3----3------3-----|
.>  G|----3----3-----3-----3------3----3-----3---3---|
T>  D|---5----7-----7-7---7-7----5----7-----7-7-7-7--|
A>  A|--6----8----10----10------6----8----10---------| 
B>  E|-----------------------------------------------|
A>  e|-------------------------h------------------|
B>  B|------3--------3--------3-4--------6--------|
B>  G|----3--3-----3--3-----5----5-----3---3------|
E>  D|---5-5--5---3-3--3---5-5----5---7-7-7-7-----|
R>  A|--6------6-5------5-3--------3-8------------| 
.>  E|--------------------------------------------|
O>  e|-------------------------------------------------------------|
M>  B|-------------------------------------------------------------|
->  G|-------------------------------------------------------------|
F>  D|-----5--7-8--------7-8-10-----------7--8--10--12--10---8---7-|
R>  A|-6666--6-6-6---8888-8-8--8--10101010-10-10--10--10--10--10---| 
.>  E|-------------------------------------------------------------|

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New Tabber
[New Recruit]

(21 days ago)
Work in progress   been OBSESSED with it for days now. Starting with a gentle blues dist. than layering with an acoustic sim and a jazz clean, than a distorted tone with a chorus and delay for 3rd part than im stuck but under laying all the 3rd part play the notes as chords for a rhythem


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