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Guitar Tab, Accords

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by: Anonymous
F>  e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
R>  B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
.>  G|------------------------------------------------------------2--------------|
T>  D|0-0--2-0-4----2---0----------------0-----0----2-0--4---2----0--------------|
A>  A|--2------0--------0-----2---0-0--------------------0-----------------------|
B>  E|----------------------------2------------2---------------------------------|
N>    Amazing Grace how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me   
A>  e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B>  B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B>  G|---2-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
E>  D|4--0---4--0--4--2----0-0----------0----0----2-0--4--2---0------------------|
R>  A|0------0--0--0-------2-----2--0-0----------------0------0------------------|
.>  E|------------------------------2--------2-----------------------------------|
C>    I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see
O>  e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
M>  B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
->  G|-----------2---4----4-----2----0---2----------2----4-2---2--2---0----2-----|
F>  D|-0--4------0---5----5----------0---0---0---4-------0-0------0---2----0-----|
R>  A|----0----------------------------------------------------------------------|
.>  E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
T>     My chains are gone i've been set free my God my savior has ransomed me
A>  e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B>  B|------3---2---0------------------------------------------------------------|
N>  G|-2-----------------2---2-4-----------0-------------------------------------|
A>  D|------0-------0---------------4----4-2-4-----2---0-4-2-----0---------------|
B>  A|-----------------------0------0--------------0-----0-0-----0---------------|
B>  E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|

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