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Piano Tab, Accords

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by: Calvin
F>   2|c-c---c--c------|
R>   1|c-c---c--c------|x4
.>  D2|-+D+-+-+-+D+-+-+|
T>  D1|e.-+-+-+-+-+-+-+|
N>   2|e-e---e--e--e---|c-c---c--c--c---|----------------|----------------|
A>   1|e-e---e--e--e---|c-c---c--c--c---|a-a---a--a--a---|a-a---a--a--a---|x2
B>   0|----------------|----------------|a-a---a--a--a---|a-a---a--a--a---|
B>  D2|-+c+-+c+-+c+-+c+|-+c+-+c+-+c+-+c+|-+c+-+c+-+c+-+c+|-+c+-+c+-+c+c+c+|
E>  D1|-+b+-+-+-+b+-+-+|-+b+-+-+-+b+-+-+|-+b+-+-+-+b+-+-+|-+b+-+-+-+b+-+-+|
.>    [EmEm
]              [CC
]              [AmAm
] C>   2|e-e---e--e--e---|c-c---c--c--c---|----------------|----------------| O>   1|b-b---b--b--b---|g-g---g--g--g---|c-c---c--c--c---|c-c---c--c--c---| M>   1|--e---e---e---e-|--c---c---c---c-|a-a---a--a--a---|a-a---a--a--a---|x8 ->   0|----------------|----------------|--a---a---a---a-|--a---a---a---a-| F>  D2|-+c+-+c+-+c+-+c+|-+c+-+c+-+c+-+c+|-+c+-+c+-+c+-+c+|-+c+-+c+-+c+c+c+| R>  D1|-+b+-+-+-+b+-+-+|-+b+-+-+-+b+-+-+|-+b+-+-+-+b+-+-+|-+b+-+-+-+b+-+-+| .>   T>  [Verse 1] A>   B>                 [EmEm
]          [CC
] N>  I want you to breathe me A>                 [AmAm
] B>  Let me be your air B>   E>                   [EmEm
]               [CC
] R>  Let me warm your body, free you .>   C>               [AmAm
] O>  No inhibition, no fear M>   ->  [Chorus] F>                    [EmEm
] R>  How deep is your love? .>                 [CC
] T>  Is it like the ocean? A>          [AmAm
]           B>  What devotion? Are you? N>                    [EmEm
] A>  How deep is your love? B>                 [CC
] B>  Is it like nirvana? E>          [AmAm
] R>  Hit me harder, again .>                    [EmEm
]     [CC
] C>  How deep is your love? O>                    [AmAm
] M>  How deep is your love? ->                    [EmEm
] F>  How deep is your love? R>                 [CC
] .>  Is it like the ocean? T>          [AmAm
] A>  Pull me closer, again B>                    [EmEm
]     [CC
] N>  How deep is your love? A>                    [AmAm
] B>  How deep is your love? B>   E>  [Verse 2] R>   .>             [EmEm
]        [CC
] C>  Open up my eyes and O>   M>                [AmAm
] ->  Tell me who I am F>   R>               [EmEm
]               [CC
] .>  Let me in on all your secrets T>   A>               [AmAm
] B>  No inhibition, no sin N>   A>  [Chorus] B>                    [EmEm
] B>  How deep is your love? E>                 [CC
] R>  Is it like the ocean? .>          [AmAm
]           C>  What devotion? Are you? O>                    [EmEm
] M>  How deep is your love? ->                 [CC
] F>  Is it like nirvana? R>          [AmAm
] .>  Hit me harder, again T>                    [EmEm
]     [CC
] A>  How deep is your love? B>                    [AmAm
] N>  How deep is your love? A>                    [EmEm
] B>  How deep is your love? B>                 [CC
] E>  Is it like the ocean? R>          [AmAm
] .>  Pull me closer, again C>                    [EmEm
]     [CC
] O>  How deep is your love? M>                    [AmAm
] ->  How deep is your love? F>  
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