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by: Jessica
F>  Jewel - Satistifed:
R>  As played on Sweet & Wild
A>  Questions or concerns can be sent to
E>  [CC
]    -    [G6]    -    [CC
]    -    [GG
] R>   .>  VERSE 1: C>   O>         [FF
] M>  If you love somebody ->   F>              [CC
] R>  You better let it out .>   T>        [FF
] A>  Don't hold it back B>   N>                        [GG
] A>  While you're trying to figure it out B>   B>          [AmAm
] E>  Don't be timid R>   .>             [CC
] C>  Don't be afraid to hurt O>   M>                 [FF
]                     [GG
] ->  Run toward the flame, run toward the fire F>   R>                               .>              [CC
]                  T>  And Hold on for all your worth A>   B>          [FF
] N>  Cause the only real thing A>   B>                    [CC
] B>  [AA
] heart can never know E>   R>            [FF
] .>  Is the sorrow of regret C>   O>                 [GG
] M>  When you don't let your feeling's show ->   F>   R>   .>  CHORUS T>   A>             [CC
] B>  So did you say it N>   A>          CM9 B>  Did you mean it B>   E>          [AmAm
]                                 [EmEm
] R>  Did you lay it on the line, did you make it count .>   C>          [FF
]                             [DmDm
] O>  Did you look 'em in the eye & did they feel it M>   ->                [G7G7
] F>  Did you say in time R>      .>                 [GG
] T>  Did you say out loud A>   B>               [AmAm
] N>  Cause if you did Hun A>   B>          [EmEm
] B>  Then you lived some E>   R>                   [FF
] -    [G7G7
] .>  And that feeling inside C>   O>                   [CC
]    -     [GG
] M>  It's called satisfied ->   F>   R>   .>   T>  VERSE 2: A>              [FF
] B>  Busy people walkin' by N>   A>                    [CC
] B>  I can't help but worry some B>   E>          [FF
] R>  So many things to do .>   C>             [GG
] O>  So little love gets done M>   ->               [AmAm
] F>  Empty hearts everywhere R>   .>               [CC
] T>  Drowning but dying of thirst A>   B>             [FF
]                   [GG
] N>  If we want love, it's not that tough A>   B>   B>                        E>          [CC
]               R>  Start by giving it first .>   C>       [FF
] O>  It's easy to give M>   ->                 [CC
] F>  Baby can't you see R>   .>          [FF
]                                           T>  Just close your eyes, open your heart A>   B>      [GG
] N>  And do what comes naturally A>   B>   B>  CHORUS E>   R>             [CC
] .>  So did you say it C>   O>          CM9 M>  Did you mean it ->   F>          [AmAm
]                                 [EmEm
] R>  Did you lay it on the line, did you make it count .>   T>          [FF
]                             [DmDm
] A>  Did you look 'em in the eye & did they feel it B>   N>                [G7G7
] A>  Did you say in time B>      B>                 [GG
] E>  Did you say out loud R>   .>               [AmAm
] C>  Cause if you did Hun O>   M>          [EmEm
] ->  Then you lived some F>   R>                    [FF
]   -   [G7G7
] .>  And that feeling inside T>   A>                   [CC
]     -     [GG
] B>  It's called satisfied N>   A>   B>   B>  BRIDGE: E>   R>      [FF
] .>  Now Horses were built to run C>   O>          [CC
] M>  And the sun was meant to shine above ->   F>  [EmEm
] R>  Flowers were made to bloom .>   T>              [GG
] A>  Then there's us B>   N>          [AmAm
] A>  We were born B>   B>  CM9   [CC
] E>  To      love R>   .>          [AmAm
] C>  We were born O>   M>  CM9 [FF
] ->  To     love F>   R>             [FF
] .>  So did you say it T>   A>          [GG
] B>  Did you mean it N>   A>          [AmAm
]            [D9]        B>  Did you lay it on the line B>   E>          [DD
]               [AA
] R>  Did you say it , Did you mean it? .>   C>          [BmBm
]                        [F#mF#m
] O>  Did you lay it on the line did you make it count M>   ->          [GG
]                               [EmEm
] F>  Did you look him in the eye and did you feel it R>   .>                 [AA
] T>  Did you say in time A>   B>                   [A7A7
] N>  Did you say out loud' oh A>   B>               [BmBm
] B>  Cause if you did Hun E>   R>                [F#mF#m
] .>  Well then you lived some C>   O>                 [EmEm
]          [AA
] M>  And that feeling inside ->   F>   R>                    [DD
]      -        [AA
]      .>  It's called satisfied T>   A>   B>  
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