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by: caseynash

F>  "Stumble"
R>  It's a little shaky but I think you'll get the gist of it, be creative :) 
T>  Verse 1:
A>     [EE
]                                [BB
] B>  I'm not the kind of girl you bring to mother N>     [C#mC#m
]                             [AA
] A>  I'm not the kind of girl you kiss in public B>     [EE
]                           [BB
] B>  My manners leave a lot to be desired E>                 R>  At least I'm not a liar .>      [C#mC#m
]                     [AA
] C>  I'm not about the subtle innuendo O>       [EE
]                               [BB
] M>  More likely to throw rocks up at your window ->       [C#mC#m
]                                    [AA
]                                 [EE
] F>  Won't walk on eggshells so you don't hear the crazy things I'm saying when you get near me R>                                 [BB
] .>  I'd rather disappear than be faking it T>   A>  [Chorus:] B>               [EE
]    [DD
]           [AA
]              N>  Anyway, you like me yeah I know it A>                [BB
] B>  You're so transparent B>          [C#mC#m
]      [BB
]      [AA
] E>  How you stumble 'round those words so well R>       [EE
]     [DD
]          [AA
] .>  You like me there i said it C>                            [BB
] [C#mC#m
]     [BB
]     [AA
] O>  Don't need a dictionary helping me 'cause I can spell M>   ->  Verse 2: (Same as Verse 1) F>  My foot was in my mouth the day I met you R>  All my friends they said I'd never get you .>  But they don't know it when they see it T>  They need glasses to believe it A>  They don't understand so be it... B>  What can I say anyway N>   A>                [EE
]    [DD
]           [AA
]              B>  Anyway, you like me yeah I know it B>                [BB
] E>  You're so transparent R>          [C#mC#m
]      [BB
]      [AA
] .>  How you stumble 'round those words so well C>       [EE
]     [DD
]          [AA
] O>  You like me there i said it M>                            [BB
] [C#mC#m
]     [BB
]     [AA
] ->  Don't need a dictionary helping me 'cause I can tell F>   R>  Bridge .>          [DD
]                        [AA
] T>  By the way you turn me on to your favorite band A>         [FF
]                             [EE
] B>  By the way you pour me coffee when I'm too tired to stand N>              [DD
] A>  the way you lift me up when I'm fading B>  [AA
] B>  Breathe me in when I'm suffocating E>  [FF
]                                    [AA
] R>  Don't say that it's just because you can .>   C>  Verse 3: (Same as verses 1 and 2) O>  Don't be stupid thinking I've misjudged you M>  I know enough to now when someone trusts you ->  Why fight it now it isn't gonna hurt you... F>   R>               [EE
]    [DD
]           [AA
]              .>  Anyway, you like me yeah I know it T>                [BB
] A>  You're so transparent B>          [C#mC#m
]      [BB
]      [AA
] N>  How you stumble 'round those words so well A>       [EE
]     [DD
]          [AA
] B>  You like me there i said it B>                            [BB
] [C#mC#m
]     [BB
]     [AA
] E>  Don't need a dictionary helping me 'cause I can spell R>   .>       [EE
]    [DD
]           [AA
]              C>  You like me yeah I know it O>                [BB
] M>  You're so transparent ->          [C#mC#m
]      [BB
]      [AA
] F>  How you stumble 'round those words R>          [C#mC#m
] .>  How you stumble... T>  
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