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5 years ago
More Ideas - tab effects 4676 views  

Tab Master
[Tab Master]

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I think it would be cool to have more effects settings as you're creating / editing tabs, how about like a randomizer that randomly adjusts / or switches around a few notes? Or a stretch / compress effect that would add / remove spaces in the tab lines. Also it would be really cool to have a song / melody generator effect that would automatically create a random melody for you, and that has a few settings to adjust / dials to tweak.

Also couldn't the Transpose Piano tab page allow you to see and change the key of the music? So if you were in the key of C and transposed up 1 you would see the new tab would be in the key of C#.


5 years ago
Re: More Ideas - tab effects


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Nice ideas, Muchacho. It has been a while seen we've added a new effect, we'll definitely take these into consideration.

5 years ago
Re: More Ideas - tab effects


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I also like your ideas! But, I was thinking like your midi volume level but now make it so the midi can make notes for the vocal/chords gradually increase or decrease like crescendo and diminuendo on sheet music.

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