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6 years ago
Great Youtube Channels For Piano Covers (Disregard Last Post) 4058 views  


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a youtube tutorial list that helped me get to where I am today as I proudly say A musician who is also dedicated to help others learn their favoroite songs and just popular songs in general.

Ryan jones is a great teacher of popular songs without any backround in music. He's great for beginners and I loke the fact he says chords names to help you leanr chords

Lypur has great tutorials on the music basics but I must admit He gets a little boring at times He also has a great section on music theory.

He has great simple tutorials for beginners and he also has a great ear
"Iwillbot" for his awesome piano covers

Also known as Kyle Landry An experienced musician that learns his songs by ear and takes them and makes a beautiful original transcription of them also makes simple easy to understand tutorials and also show the chords he is teaching as well I would recommend him for people that have a little bit higher experience with there hands with playing piano.

"Musicblueprints Piano"
I recommend this 100% for people that are just starting because he shows out the song by each hand and lays them out note for note labeled and the songs are easy to play at any level.

His transcriptions are very beautiful sounding but I dont reccomend using him because his songs are taught by synthesia and I do not recommend learning through that because all its teaching is to play piano using muscle memory and you do not learn anything from it but it's also teaching you songs that sound good for you and to me thats all that really matters.

And finally the last channel I like. I like his tutorials too and I recommend them because they are easy step by step or should I say "Hand by hand". AHAHAHAHAHAHA okay back to the point. And he displays his notes on the screen.

Sorry I didn't display the url but tabnabber said it was spam and couldn't post it.


6 years ago
Re: Great Youtube Channels For Piano Covers (Di...


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@marosi, sorry about the SPAM block. We'd been getting a lot of spammy posts with lots of links in them at one time, so we implemented logic to block a post if it contains a lot of links (I think the limit might be 5?). You can post links a few at a time and still get your message out.

Thanks for the tips!


6 years ago
Re: Great Youtube Channels For Piano Covers (Di...


54 Posts

@BA It seems upon further investigation of the maximum link postage mystery I have concluded that per post the limit is three total.;)

                                                       -Inspector Marosi


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